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Wednesday’s Encounter November 8, 2008

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On Wednesday I had the most amazing day connecting with two of my dearest friends. I have many friends, but there are few people who I really connect with on every level that’s dear to me: spiritually and creatively.

My dear friend Maria is a Greek beauty raised half her life in Greece with a story that will amaze you. She is free and creative and fun and carries a tremendous testamony of God’s healing. She is my escape and a chance to step out of Southern California into a world of poetry and foreign films. She is almost half my age, but never makes me feel old.

Aryn is a free-spirited, eccentric woman of God who thinks in a way I’ve never imagined. She is full of surprises, but never shocking – liberated, but strong enough to submit – non-comforming, without being offensive and has devoted her life to loving people to God.

These worlds collided a few years ago and I can’t imagine being more blessed nor amazed at God’s work. Aryn fell in love with Maria’s Cretan village a few years ago and planned to minister there only to be introduced to her, by me a few years later. I  knew nothing of Aryn’s heart for her hometown. Of all the villages in the world and all the prayers Maria lifted up for her town, God has brought an answer that I get to be a part of.

We talked about God and loving people vs. political statements and soap boxes. We talked about life and God’s direction. It was a meeting of spirits that I can’t wait to relive.


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