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He Moves in Mysterious Ways December 20, 2008

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I’m really working backwards here, but it will all make sense.

Since my husband got layed off, I have been struggling with trusting God – I guess that’s natural. I have always struggled with trusting Him with finances. I come from a line of frugal Eastern Europeans on my dad’s side and I’m hoping to break the curse.

So to find out your husband is suddenly unemployed is tough. What’s amazing is the last person to worry is Mondo – not because he doesn’t care, but because he trusts.

I have even dabbled with the very “untheological” idea that it’s my fault. That if I had jsut learned to trust years ago, we wouldn’t be here. That I know is wrong (unless you’re Catholic) and I know if is not God’s character. but, the thought exists and bangs around in my mind from time to time.

God is trying to snatch the thought and bury it once and for all.

Within the past week people have given us about $1300 compeltely out of the blue and to top it off, our mortgage company has informed us that until our loan modification is complete, they will not allow us to make our mortgage payment. There are few things I rejoice in not being allowed to do – that is one of them. God is good, He is faithful.

I have been much relieved, but as familiar with my sinful tendancies as I am, the struggle will probably reveal itself from time to time during this experience. But suffice it to say, God is above all.


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