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The Shack December 29, 2008

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I’m reading The Shack, like millions of other people. Really like it – didn’t expect to though. In fact I hated the first 70 pages. The writing was terrible and I felt like the author didn’t even like what he was writing. But…as soon as God shows up, it gets great. It’s like a completely different author. I may start a rumor that two people wrote it, but I’m too tired to do that right now.
Anyway, I have no problem with God the Father being depicted as an afro-American woman. Anyone who does 1. has no poetic bone in their body 2. missed the point. The issue is even brought up by the main character and is simple answered: God can choose to reveal Himself to us any way He wants according, to our needs. Migth I add that He was a blinding light to Paul and a burning bush to Moses.
Beautiful book, rich, real, deep and has helped me approach the persons of the Trinity with greater understanding. I’d like to read it again as soon as I’m finished – skipping the first 70 pages!


One Response to “The Shack”

  1. lucalue Says:

    i read it. i loved it-because it took me deeper in my understanding of God. it’s interesting and stretching nonetheless. but i recommend it. and i think it’s God’s job to deal with the questions and doubts that the story brings to our mind…by the way, i am glad you have a blog…i am a faithful blog-reader:-) and it will be fun catching up with you through this!

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