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Little Red Skates January 1, 2009

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When I was a kid we lived outside of Chicago in a great little town called Glen Ellyn. We only lived there 4 years, but they were some of the best times in my memory. It was quaint and mid-western and innocent. One of my favorite memories is learning to skate on the local pond once it froze over. My mom had bought me some red ice skates and my dad took me out and patiently taught me to skate. I don’t remember how good I got, but I remember loving it.

Today we took the kids ice skating for the first time. I wish I’d had my red skates to give to Mary, but I’m sure they were sold at a garage sale years ago. Under Half Dome, Mary learned to skate and within a half hour she was going around by herself. Seve, have up after a couple turns and left the rink in bitter tears wanting instead to sit by the fire with Nonna (my mom).

It was great getting out there and enjoying weather. That is something I hate about the Inland Empire, we don’t really have weather. We have Dec, Jan, Feb and summer. We don’t get to enjoy most of the year because we’re trying to avoid sunstroke. It was great being out all day and wearing ourselves out – the kids actually napped they were so work out and Seve turned down an ice cream sundae because he was so tired. Love it!


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