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Yosemite January 1, 2009

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I’ve been off-line for a few days and have been busy on our trip. We left San Fran and are in Yosemite. I haven’t been here in about 15 years. We used to come up here when I was Jr.high/high school age to ski every year. It’s been great coming back and sharing this place with my kids and husband. When I mentioned to people that we were going, they all asked if we were camping. My reply 1. you don’t know my mother if you’re asking that 2. it’s 20 degrees out here. (Crazy enough, people are actually camping)

We had dinner at the Awahnee Hotel last night and that was a really fun experience. I’m not into high priced food -I think it’s silly and unnecessary, but my family is, so I’ve been along for the ride. I can say though, that my kids are going to be thoroughly spoiled for ordinary life and will be expecting Shirley Temples with dinner and ice cream sundaes after that.

Today we went up to Badger Pass where I used to ski as a kid my brother tackled the slopes while I went innertubing with the kids. It was great! Two hours of up and down and hills. I was so proud of Seve who didn’t let his short little legs stop him from making at least 30-40 trips up the hill. It was great to get out and excercise after days of eating.

I’ll post some pix once I get home and upload them.


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