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The Latest Chapter January 28, 2009

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A friend Facebooked me today to say that she checked out my blog – which made me realise she’d been there more faithfully than I have. So sorry for the delay. (As if you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for the words for roll).

My daughter had a terrible leg injury about two weeks ago and that has completely thrown me off. We had a flood in Dec. and the damaged drywall was torn away and the framework was left exposed. Well, my daughter was running past and somehow it caught her leg and torn away a chunk, knicking her Achilles. 43 stiches later, she’s recovering and walking with a boot (I’d include pictures, but I don’t even like looking at it, so why would you?). Horrible yes, blessings in spite of it – Yes, yes, yes.  

1. A friend was here at the time who used to be an EMT – he took over while I screamed and ran around frantically looking for a pair of shoes to take to the ER. (Armando was AMAZING and actually had her giggling on the way to the ER)

2. Our friend, Dr. Ed Pillar, is the head of the local ER and happened to be on duty and whisked us in.

3. Their top surgeon attends our church and stayed late to sew Mary up.

4. She doesn’t need to wear a cast as anticipated.

In spite of my daughter’s dramatic outlook at life (“Why has God given me this horrible life?”) all is going smoothly.


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