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25 Things About Me January 29, 2009

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Ok, I have to admit the whole concept seems a bit ego-centric – like something a desperate housewife would do – oh that’s why I did it:) – but writing 25 things about yourself is actually very therapeutic. I’ve resisted doing it over the last month or so when prompted to on Facebook, but finally gave in. I did it this morning and the ch allege was coming up with the first 5 and then really deciding what defines you. I think I could have kept going, but had to pick and choose (mostly because of my audience – not that its huge – just impressionable).

My point is not for you to really care about who I am, but evaluate who you are. Go ahead and define yourself (as much as possible on paper/cyberly) and get perspective. It was strangely freeing for me. I think “I” get so lost in the everyday, that I forget who I am. I don’t mean it in a cheesy “I’ve lost myself in my life and I need to find me again” sort of way, but in a genuinely real and reflective manner. Have fun


1. I miss Hungary everyday
2. I never wanted kids, but I think mine are the coolest kids ever
3. I’m afraid of Bigfoot.
4. My dream is to publish a book of short stories about my experiences overseas
5. I used to beat up boys in elementary school
6. My great-grandfather was a godfather in the Chicago mafia
7. I love food and could watch Food Network all day
8. I love to paint and am tempted to change my wall colors about once a week – my husband hates change – poor guy
9. I love foreign films
10. I’ve always had a crush on Tom Selleck – Magnum is still hot!
11. I don’t like animals (except big dogs – Great Danes)
12. I love random comedy – 30Rock is hilarious
13. I love IKEA
14. I believe God has called me to be a vessel of healing – I love ministering to women and seeing God heal them of their past hurts and brokenness
15. I think my husband is completely amazing and I hate to think what my life would be like w/o his love and influence.
16. I love short hair styles and am always tempted to chop my locks
17. I love pumpkins
18. I want to find a place where it’s perpetually Autumn
19. I’m not much of a romantic – just cut to the chase
20. I still care about what my mom thinks – I really wish I didn’t (go ahead and laugh Aunt Karla)
21. I love power tools and would rather spend my money at Home Depot than the mall.
22. I’m extremely eclectic and my soul looks like a patchwork quilt
23. I love reading novels: classics mostly, but love Like Water For Chocolate (Don’t read it high school girls – and don’t pin it on me please:))
24. Ephesians 1 is my favorite chapter – we are already blessed with so much
25 I love yoga


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