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Progress, not my friend today February 3, 2009

Filed under: Random nonsense — relateableme @ 1:47 am

I’m even embarrassed to admit this, but I actually found an old “hard disk”, you know the 3″ ones, I attempted to put it into my laptop. yeah, not very successful. The most frustrating thing is that I have old, rather sentimentally important files on it that I’m now going to have a heck of a time extracting.

Progress is great…most of the time.

In this case it is seriously standing in my way. I used to write – a lot – especially when I lived in Europe and definitely before I had kids. For years I’ve hesitated showing my writings to anyone, but now that I have a blog, I thought, why not. Go for it. You need the feedback and it’s a great way to possibly showcase my friends’ writings as well.

Problem: they are all on that stupid archaic piece of plastic.

So, it may not happen today, but stick around and hopefully I will conquer both my pride and progress.


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