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Not a God of Confusion? March 5, 2009

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I hate confusion. It has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a control freak. I just hate when things aren’t the way I think they should be. I’m learning to let go of  that – slowly and in a controlled manner – of course. Yesterday I brought one of the girls from our youth group home with me.  My son was having an off day and “walking the line” – not bad enough to get discipline, not good enough to be a blessing. Picked up my daughter from school and all her unbridled energy with her. We’re having our flooring replaced after the flood and we are all confined to one room as the tile on the other side of the house was setting. So, we walk in the door, everything is in disarray, the kids are already exhausting, the dog starts jumping all over our guest and my father-in-law is being himself – which, God bless him, is beyond description. Within five minutes I was pretty sure my little friend would not be wanting to come back.

Although it’s hard to believe it sometimes, God is not a God of confusion. Seriously? So my husband gets laid off, we have a flood, my daughter suffers a terrible leg injury, my brother-in-law dies, we need to move (but where and when) and we are all living on one side of the house. Right, no confusion there! Somehow I have to agree – He is not a God of confusion – His, is a perfectly ordered sequence of events that are occurring with purpose to bring good about and change us in the process. I have to say, “Amen.” Not because it seems right, but because I’m experiencing it first hand. Through all of those crazy occurrences previously mentioned, He has been with us, carrying us and guiding us and providing for us. People keep asking me what we’re going to do and I keep answering the same way: “I don’t even know what I’m making for dinner yet, so I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow.” And for some divine reason, there is perfect peace and truth in that statement. Everyday has held its own challenge, but amazingly, its own divine blessing – a personal message from God that we are not forgotten – we are exactly where He wants us to be.


One Response to “Not a God of Confusion?”

  1. Caroline Says:

    I love this, and i am glad that in the midst of your chaos you have peace-funny looking back in my life/marriage, it seemed the most chaotic/confusing times were the times of GREATEST peace…! our earthly minds don’t grasp that well, but God is faithful ,His ways are not our ways, but I know He has an amazing plan for your lives (already has & will continue),God has gifted you & i’m blessed for your friendship: just acknowledging that He wants to change & grow you & accepting it, you will reap all the blessings, in His time whatever that maybe right!!!! LOL I love you my friend and your stories inspire me ,bless me, & help me see God’s faithfulness 😀

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