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It’s Twilight, but no sleep to be found March 9, 2009

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I have been unable to do anything useful lately – at all. I’m an under the utter spell of Twilight. Don’t leave! I know, one more person entranced by Edward. I have to say, as dreamy as he is, I love the writing. Ok, I’m completely smitten as well, but seriously, if the writing stunk, I would have given the other kindergarten mom back her stack of books. As someone who, perhaps, is not a good writer, I can at least appreciate good writing; I am completely enjoying the books and have been willing to lose hours and hours of sleep over them.

The writing is amazing. Stephanie Meyers hooked me by page one – about 1000 pages ago. I enjoyed the first novel immensely and while the love between them made me turn the pages as lightening speed, it was the second novel that really got me. I have to say I didn’t enjoy it as much (because Edward is no where to be found and his absence is palpable) but it tugged the strongest on my heart strings. Meyers was able to keep me entwined in the story, riding the emotional waves with Bella, even with the absence of him.  I cried and cried and cried. While I missed Edward, I felt how much she did. Even when she wasn’t speaking about him directly, I felt the hollowness in her chest. Let me make it clear – not because I secretly long for a vampire of my own, but because Meyers is gifted. GIFTED!

I’m obviously not the first to notice this, but I found her ability inspiring and yet uncomplicated (that’s a compliment). It is deeply entwining, but not muddled. Complex, but not scrambled. Her method encourages me as a writer – her abandon, her imagination, her humanity.

While my family thinks I’m crazy for cooking dinner with a book my hand, I can’t wait to dive into more.


One Response to “It’s Twilight, but no sleep to be found”

  1. '86 Rabbit Says:

    I agree with you…well obviously I agree with you. I have a whole blog devoted to Twilight. The point is that I love Steph’s writing. She has such a light, easy style that it seems impossible that she can make us cry, and read so obsessively, yet she does. It’s a gift.

    Tell your family I said you aren’t crazy. Crazy is losing 10 pounds on “The Twilight Diet” because you can’t even get up to get some crackers now and then. At least you’re cooking dinner!

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