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San Bernardino Update March 25, 2009

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Just wanted to give those who have been following our life changes an update. Last week we found a church that will allow us to use their building for a Tuesday evening study. It in the heart of San Bernardino in a neighborhood. I’ll work on a map link. The congregation is very small, but willing to help us get started in our venture. After about a month, their open to letting us start Saturday night services – so we are so excited to get it rolling. Right now we’re looking at the Tuesday after Easter for our first service. Kingsfield San Bernardino is coming together.

We also have a great news regarding a place to live. Armando’s (my husband’s) mom has decided to move in with her daughter and rent us her house! Her mortgage is amazingly low and it has a pool and is only 10 minutes from the church building. We are so excited. We’re hoping to move around July and have some changes we’ll be making to the house to help us all fit. This is such a blessing as it will make the transition easier for the kids as they will be moving to grandma’s house. We will be so close to all our family and friends in that area.

I know we should be more surprised than we are – but God has been going before us and making the crooked paths straight and it’s been an amazing thing to watch – almost natural and effortless. Thank you for your prayer and I will let you know when we have our first service – please join us.


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