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Perfectionism is an Illusion…so is control April 23, 2009

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I had a wonderful conversation with a friend today. We actually don’t know each other that well, but I hope that will change. We started talking about our mutual interests: God and writing. It branched into a very real conversation about out faults, hurts, recoveries, misunderstandings, sins and victories. I love that when people share a genuine interest in Christ, a transparent conversation is completely possible. Without the reality of our complete inability to do/be anything/anyone outside of Christ, a conversation will typically range within the boundaries of what we want that other person to think of us. Without grace, we are two people hoping to dupe the other, and ourselves in the process.

In the course of talking and refereeing my kids, we came to three conclusions: 1. grace is for losers (BTW, that’s all of us) 2. perfectionism is an illusion  3. so is control

Not mind-blowing unless you are a control-freakish perfectionist (I’m raising my hand). But I’m also learning that embracing these truths is incredibly freeing – I’m getting there, by His grace.


One Response to “Perfectionism is an Illusion…so is control”

  1. lu Says:

    so ever since you posted this it has been lingering in my mind…because i am a perfectionist and it’s hard to forgive myself…and God has been talking to me about this for a while now…so this came at a very good time and just wanted to say thanks again 😉

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