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Another couple good reads May 15, 2009

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I’m still on my “book kick” right now and loving every minute of it. In a way it kind of makes me sad to think about how many hours I have wasted in front of the TV, instead of delving into a literary adventure. I feel like a part of me that was dead for so long is being resurrected.

Last week I finished Bridget Jones’ Diary. Having been a fan of the movies for years, I thought I’d take on another guilty pleasure in my life and read it. I have to say that the movie makes her twice the idiot that she actually is in print. Ok, not radically intelligent, but Rene Zellweger makes her look like she’s one crack pipe away from being Amy Winehouse. In fact, in the movie, it’s very hard to understand why Mark Darcy would be at all interested in her; almost makes you wonder what hideous character flaw makes him drawn to her. In the book, she is very normal, in that every other young woman (married or single) can completely relate to her: her unluckiness with men, her mood swings and weight gains. She is very human and cracked like the rest of us.

Yesterday I finished the first in the Harry Potter series and am having fun with magic. I know I’m about 10 years behind on the series,  but it’s fun to be a kid again. In fact, I think I had a hard time being a kid when I was one, so this is pure fun for me. I found it to be very entertaining and personally, more enjoyable that the Narnia series, but much more juvenile that the Twilight series. Just good clean, magic fun. Just checked the second one out at the library today and will dive in tonight. Happy reading


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