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Oh, the library July 26, 2009

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Ok, I always need to add a little bit about libraries. We just moved and a really nice library is a couple blocks away.  As I’ll be homeschooling this year, I plan on spending a lot of time there. This one is completely state of the art; allowing you to check out your own books, reserve a computer via computer etc. Unfortunately, there are still librarians. Now instead of irritating them by asking for assistance, I must now irritate them to ask how to get assistance. I think the government should start hiring cats to work at libraries;  they have the same personality as librarians, without labor unions, wage disputes, salary cuts… They could just wear T-shirts that read, “How can I ignore you?”

Knowing my trouble with library fines, I think I may have met my match. Unlike the typical 10 cents a day at most libraries, this place charges 50 cents a day per book as a late fee! How can I afford to coexist with such tyranny? Get a job, never go? Or must I finally give up my one vice of consistently having overdue books? Alas, I must give in. My heart about broke when an obviously under-privileged kid asked why the automated machine wouldn’t check out his book. He was informed it was because he had a $10 fine. $10!!! Where is he supposed to get that? That’s brilliant, fine him beyond his mother’s means, so he won’t come back to the library to improve his reading skills!! Now that I think about it, I should have paid it for him – now who’s the insensitive schmuck?


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