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A Milestone and a Miracle August 26, 2009

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Today was a real milestone for me. It was one that I never envisioned experiencing, but I’m so glad that I have. When my daughter was born, in all honesty, I couldn’t wait for 1st grade when she would be in school all day. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my daughter, but I despised motherhood. I never honestly wanted to be a mom, but my husband talked me into it and it was a very hard adjustment for me. I “kicked against the goads” for a long time and tried to live like I didn’t have a child, while carrying her around with me everywhere. My daughter took more naps in the Wal-Mart parking lot her first year, than in her bed; I refused to stay home…completely stir crazy.

Mary, my oldest is a wonderful child and a total handful!! She is all consuming and then asks for a bit more. I now know that that is simply who she is and can’t help driving me nuts!! Now I’m learning to embrace her personality and enjoy it.

So…back to milestones. Today I had my first day of homeschooling and it was amazing. In all honesty, not much changed; I have always tried to saturate my children’s environment with education.  We started the year with a field trip to the San Bernardino County Museum and the kids loved it!! Three hours later, I had to pull the kids out as I saw their eyes glaze over from missing lunch and being exhausted. We played cards, watched Bindy the Jungle Girl and my daughter read. It was so natural and enjoyable and the best part is that Seve, my 4 year old gets to tag along and grow and learn as Mary does.

Can’t wait until tomorrow – library day. I’m sure somedays I’ll want to hide in the closet and cry, but six years ago, I wanted to do that everyday.


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