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Hannah Montana or Harry Potter? January 5, 2010

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I’ve been thinking lately about the standards or boundaries that we lay for our kids. Last night we were discussing with friends about how the ideals we had before having children quickly change once we have them i.e. using the TV as a babysitter or using spankings as discipline. I’ve always been anti-TV and really try to  limit my kids’  intake, but sometimes, if it gives me 30 minutes of much-needed rest – go for it. Likewise people reject the idea of using spankings as a form of discipline, but as my mom says,” ‘People say it’s wrong to spank your child when you’re angry.’ But what kind of person spanks them when they’re not?”

Anyway, I was trying to examine why I allow my children certain privileges and not others. I hate the entire Disney-raising-my-children concept and Hannah Montana is not permitted in the house, but my 7-year-old daughter loves to rock out in the car to Maroon 5, David Archuletta, Taylor Swift and The Killers. She isn’t allowed to watch iCarly but knows everything about Harry Potter.  I admit it seems like a ridiculous tradeoff, but I guess I’d rather raise a child who asks questions constantly about lyrics and character dilemmas and philosophy, than to believe the best God has for her is to be a Rock Star.

I want children who think. I don’t want them spoon-fed silly juvenile concepts; I’d rather have them wrestle with the concepts of right and wrong than who is better, Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus.


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