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Sarah Palin and “God’s Will” January 11, 2010

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I’m not politically minded at all. I am a one issue voter and really hate being tied to a party – one party – or more often than not – any party. I’m an anomaly in my family who are all flag waving Republicans. Anyways, something Sarah Palin said recently caught my eye. Actually it’s a phrase that she repeats often and I can’t help but wonder how it is received by people who only think they know what she’s talking about: God’s Will.  She has used this lingo concerning the War with Iraq, her wish to run for office and the Alaskan Pipeline. There have probably been more, but a brief Google brought these up. As a believer, I understand the terminology for my life, but when used as a blanket statement for world-wide events, I cringe as a Believer and the unbelieving world finds it repugnant.

To say that the war in Iraq is “God’s will” conjures up a picture of Jesus carrying an AK47, wearing an Armani suit, having an expensive dinner with oil tycoon friends and casually waving his hand while considering the civil deaths in Iraq as “collateral damage.” This is not the Christ who I know nor how I want the rest of the world to perceive Him. I have no idea whether it is God’s will for Palin to run for political office – but more importantly, does she?

God’s will has come to be synonymous with a feeling or hunch and has been used to justify the most heinous events; Christians in pre-WWII Germany thought that Hitler’s rise to power was “God’s will” and the Crusades were a result of a similar hunch.  I had a friend tell me recently that “Katrina was God’s will. His way of wiping out an evil place.” I wanted to vomit. To say that the war in Iraq is God’s will because it will help usher in the last days, is to tread on rather unsupported theological ice – plus it leaves a unbelieving world scratching their heads. If God’s will is reduced to nothing more than a warm-fuzzy, a burning in the bosom or a logical conclusion considering circumstantial evidence in our own lives, then if can lead us to justify things that are clearly not His will. I can say it’s God’s will to leave my husband simply because I have feelings toward someone else and the circumstances appear to be leading me that way. God’s will can eventually be anything I want – anything I want.

Should politicians use the phrase? Sure, but make sure it’s being used in a way that is extremely personal and does not include every third world and Arab country. Make sure it’s in regards to a personal decision or stand, don’t use it as a way to justify hypocrisy, because that’s what makes an unbelieving world hate the very concept of a will other than their own.


2 Responses to “Sarah Palin and “God’s Will””

  1. lu Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! seriously, you should totally send this for a political website or even more so, to christian media…sometimes i am ashamed of those and their daring ways of commenting events…

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