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Shakespeare for seven year olds January 12, 2010

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I was in the car listening to Taylor Swift today when the song “Love Story” came on. My daughter was in the back belting out the lyrics and then stopped and asked me what she was singing about. You have to understand that my daughter asks LITERALLY 1000 questions a day – which I’m learning to love about her  – when she’s not driving me nuts:) Anyway, I told her the story about Romeo and Juliet and she got quiet and then asked, “why would anyone write something so sad?” I had to laugh because why indeed? That made me think about human nature and how we recoil from our own suffering, but indulge in that of others.  I love sad stuff – I’m totally morbid that way, i just feel comfortable there, which honestly is not a healthy thing for me. Anyway, I didn’t really have an answer.

Later my niece was in the car with us and Mary asked for the same song again. I heard her explaining Shakespeare’s tragedy to her. She was so animated and in its telling. I piped up and told her that Swift’s song had a happy ending though. “Oh GOOD!” she gasped, “because that was just terrible.”  I love how she sees the world.


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