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Two of Us January 23, 2010

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This last year has been a complete roller coaster for my husband and me – not to mention our kids. we went from being unemployed to moving to still unemployed to ministry to fulltime work and ministry and now we’re entering a new adventure. My husband and I have been asked to lead a local church’s couples’ ministry. Rod Collins, pastor of Sanctuary in Calimesa, Ca was Mondo’ mentor since he was in high school. He has been a constant fixture in Mondo’s life and a blessing to our family. About three years ago, he stepped away from a local church where he held a weekly study and started something new a little east of here.

Long story short, he asked us to come on board and take over the couples’ ministry. It’s a really exciting and humbling opportunity for us, first because it’s the first time we’ve been able to minister together since we lived in Hungary, before we had kids. And even more so, because we are actually going to minister side-by-side. It is humbling because our marriage is not perfect and we can’t even (and don’t want to)  pretend that it is. We have always believed that one of the greatest ways to minister is to do so from the perspective of journeying with others, not watching them “arrive” to where we are; our failures are just as useful as our victories.

Our wish is to start a bi-weekly study taking couples through the video series Love and Respect. This series has been such a blessing in our marriage and believe it’s a basic, but excellent tool to healing and growing every marriage. To follow our progress, visit our ministry blog Two of Us @


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