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God’s Will Pt. 2 January 27, 2010

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To dovetail off of what I wrote a bit ago concerning Sarah Palin, this Sunday my pastor taught a great message regarding the 3rd Commanment. He discussed using the Lord’s name in vain. Of course there are the obvious examples – cursing, but he brought up a great point that I have never considered or heard taught. He said that ” Taking the Lord name is vain, it using His name for your gain.” Basically saying “God’s will” to things that are clearly your own. This is what brought me back to Palin’s tendency to bring “God’s will” into everything she does – or anyone else for that matter.

It doesn’t have to be just the religious right, it can goes for those supporting the Jihad as “God’s will.” Great evils have always been done in His precious name without His consent. Anyone heard of the Crusades?

Also I got to thinking that the reverse of this can also be considered taking His name in vain; giving God blame for evil that is done. That is equally as prevalent as the former and perhaps even more so. God gets blamed for great ills of the world but never receives credit for its great blessings.

What can be most frustrating about God being brought into everything is that the end of everything is brought to light. Whether it was His will or not, the end result is eventually revealed. Then the damage doubles and the confusion widens as people begin to questions whether God leads us into pain and suffering and what kind of God would do that. Then people shake their fists at the Almighty when all along it was their fervent willingness to jump head first into trouble and then have the audacity to make God their scapegoat.

Yes, there is evil in the world and a great percentage of it is caused by you and me. So next time you decide to build a pipeline in Alaska or go to war, leave God out of it, please.


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