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Facebook vs. Imaginary Friends February 16, 2010

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About three months ago I stepped away from Facebook. I did so for a multitude of reasons. Anyway, I decided to take inventory and look back at what I was able to accomplish while not fiddling my time away commenting about every minuscule event of my life and that of others.

1. I learned to crochet

This is something I have never wanted to do. I have tried a number of times and find it extememly boring and frustrating. But a few weeks ago my daughter came home from one of her classes saying that she had learned to crochet and wanted help. So I got on YouTube and learned to crochet. I have made a number of scarves and have tried to make a hat/beanie a number of times without success. Today, in an attempt to make my husband a hat, I ended up with a long twisted chain. Obviously, crocheting is not a gift, but I am still determined to swallow my pride and overcome beanies that look like doilies.

2. I read a biography

When I was a kid I was a voracious reader, mostly because I was a fat dork, but I really loved to read. I loved Library Day in Elementary school when we could go and peruse the musty isles of the school library. I loved auto/biographies. I read about everyone. At some point though in my education, I convinced myself that I hated history. I actually enjoy history, but hate memorizing dates. While this is important to history (and a rather impressive gift that my husband has) rattling of the dates and exact events that lead to the Boston Tea Party are not essential to life – at least my life. Anyway, I randomly picked up a book on Archie Astor and Amelie Rives and delved into the Gilded Age. Interesting and aweful, but interesting enough for me to pick up another biography as I visit the library with my kids this week.

3. I created an imaginary friend

This is obviously the most questionable of my feats. Honestly, my mind is a rather confusing and lonely place and I need someone to bounce my ideas/fears/questions/feelings off of. Before you consider having me committed, most of our conversations are done in written form – more of a journal, but I see it more as a conversation than pen and paper. It’s actually very therapeutic.


One Response to “Facebook vs. Imaginary Friends”

  1. Ambar Says:

    You are to be commended for learning to crochet so you could help your daughter. I’m sure you’ll make that beanie yet!


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