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Falling for LA March 31, 2010

I was always told that LA was a smoggy cesspool 75 miles north of my hometown. Perhaps it was during the 80’s, but as I’ve had the chance to visit a number of times lately, I’m falling in love. After living in Europe for about 7 years, there is very little that compares to the cultural cornucopia it has to offer.  Since beginning to homeschool my daughter last year, we have gone to LA for a few field trips; we visited the LA Science Museum and neighboring UCS Rose Garden, the Burbank Library for a one woman Laura Ingalls play, a couple visits to the American Girl Store, The LA Farmer’s Market, Santa Monica Pier and The Getty Museum. At the Getty, my kids brought their art kits and sat outside by a sculpture for about 30 minutes drawing and playing – loved it! My daughter was also able to see the originals of artists that she has studied in her art history class.  Honestly, I feel like I’m alive again mingling with all the cultures and experiences. Even sitting in Friday afternoon traffic on the 10 freeway was relaxing with the windows down and the kids laughing in back.

I can’t wait to visit the market again. It reminds me of the open-air markets of Europe and I long to take my laptop and sit and write for hours. I plan to take my husband to the Getty and enjoy a day of art and beauty. For cultural experience I’m planning to visit some of the ethnic neighborhoods with my kids: Indian, Asian and Mexican. I even saw a sign for the Byzantine/Latino district????? I’m game.

When we visited the Getty, I accidentally went to the Getty Villa instead of the Art Center and had to take Sunset Blvd.  over the hill to the 405. I had no idea such quaint town existed in the hills – amazing. Is this really LA?

All I can say is that I’m falling in love


4 Responses to “Falling for LA”

  1. lu Says:

    i totally know the feeling of slowly falling in love with a place/coming alive again. although i kinda hated LA who knows maybe one day i will love it. enjoy your little field trips! 🙂

  2. PD Says:

    I really enjoyed this piece . It totally got my mind going and took me back to the first time I visited the Getty or strolled through the Japanese gardens . It’s also interesting to note your deep love for Europe and although I have never been , I’m completely obsessed with the culture and day to day way of life . I love the fact that shopping daily for groceries versus weekly or monthly is common practice and that lifetimes are spent perfecting a food wine parring . This post totally fit with this book I’m reading now called A Year in Provence and so I imagine places like Solvang , The Getty or Temecula wine country my own little pieces of France . Thank you so much for this quick little mental break , I totally needed it . P.S. Keep up your writing , your posts are not falling on dead ears or in this case eyes LOL , thanks again .

    • relateableme Says:

      Wow thank you. I love to write, but I love even more to know when it resonates with someone. A Year in Provence is wonderful!! I just picked up Julia Child’s book about her years in France – I love books like those – they remind me of all the adventures I had in my time abroad. I hope you make it to Europe someday – you’l love it. thanks again

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