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The Whole Picture April 4, 2010

Filed under: Confessions — relateableme @ 3:05 pm

While men are renowned for having selective hearing, I think we have selective memory; at least my husband has always accused me of that and I think he’s right. I’m always able to recall what benefits my cause from an argument or fight, but I never can actually recall the whole story.

Recently my dad took all our videotapes from the kids’ first couple years and put them on a DVD for us.  I sat at the kitchen table yesterday and watched some. It was amazing to see all those lost moments. If they hadn’t been captured, I would have sworn they had never existed. I watched my husband and 2 years old daughter dancing, my girl running around the backyard naked in the sprinklers, my daughter saying only 10 words a minute instead of 1000.  They were marvelous moments, lost treasures to remind me how sweet life is.  I wonder how may other moment are lost forever;  moments lived without a camera nearby to capture the whole scene, the full pictures, the true memory.

I wish I could lay in bed at night and watch the good moments of my marriage or years of motherhood and recall with perfect accuracy. I want to be reminded of the truth, not to just relive over and over my version, edited, spliced and tampered with.  I need sweet reminders right now.


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