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My Journey to Optimism April 15, 2010

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I have been itching for something new to do – I always am. I have this deep-seeded need to be productive. If you have a background in psychotherapy, I invite your analysis. I have been frustrated at time with this blog, because it’s all over the map – there is no theme, but me. I think I can safely say that that particular subject is interesting to very few – my mom doesn’t even read my blog.  I love to write and think I will trim this one eventually and focus only on creative writing.

Also, I’ve found myself at a personal crossroads. I have always been a melancholy person, but I”m honestly becoming quite a cynic and it stinks. My husband has hinted at it a few times, yet I remain unmoved. I’ve been afraid that my writing would stop or be hampered in some respect, because my moodiness spawns my writing. I think though, enough is enough. I need to find another Muse.

So, in an effort to kill two bird with one stone, I started another blog devoted to a 60-day journey to optimism. I’m actually optimistic about it – I think that’s a good start.


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