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13 June 14, 2010

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I’ve completely neglected this blog, but for a good reason. I started another blog about my 60 journey to optimism in response to a pessimistic approach to life that seemed to be getting increasingly worse.  That behind me, I’m ready to tackle this one…at least for a bit until I determine what my next focused blog will be.

I’ve been so busy lately that I  compeltely forgot about the significance of June 13th in my life.  I come from a long line of 13-aholics. My paternal grandparents life together revolved around the number:

*they met on the 13th

*got engaged on the 13th

*married on the 13th

*my dad was born on the 13th

*my uncle was born on the 31st (which makes total sense if you know him)

The number carried into my life too. I remembered that today is the 10 year anniversary of our first miscarriage. Not a happy anniversary, but a moment I hold deep in my heart that I’m certain doesn’t bother me, until it’s mentioned. Today is also the 6 year anniversary of my father-in-law coming to live with us. So, that’s strike two right there. But, God gives beauty for ashes and 5 years ago today my son was born. God took away, but He gave again and I am blessed.


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