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My Crocheting Takes Shape April 12, 2010

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I’m still crocheting and I’m having a great time. I am focusing on wool felted purses and it’s a great creative outlet for me. Plus, because of the nature of wool and the process, I don’t have to stitch perfectly – all flaws end up hidden in the final product:)

After this first attempt I realized that I put too much detailed work into it;  none of it shows up after the felting process, but neither do my mistakes:)

Here is my third purse – my second had serious shape problems after felting. I’m really happy with this one , including the lining. Also, I got the bird and cage idea from a crochet blog.


I’ll never… February 8, 2010

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Last week I started doing something that I’ve never wanted to do – crochet. A few people have sat down with me over the years to try and teach me and I have gotten so frustrated with it. Last week, my daughter learned to crochet in one of her classes and wanted to work on it, so I got on YouTube (I have to see things to get them) and watched a couple videos on crocheting basics. I had a scarf started the first day. I’ve made three scarves so far – it’s really easy and relaxing once I loosened up. I need to be doing something constantly – I really don’t know how to relax. So when my husband wants to watch TV in the evening (I’m not a big TV fan, but I like being with him) I can just pull out the yarn and “do something.” Yesterday, I finished a scarf in the car – I loved having something to do when all I can do it sit.

Anyway, it’s funny finding myself doing things I swore I’d never do – I guess it goes on a list with other “nevers” like being a pastor’s wife, living in California, having kids, homeschooling…

It’s all good.


Bathroom Cabinet Redo January 31, 2009

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Ok, I promised that I’d show the before and after for my bathroom cabinet redo. I have to say I really love the way they turne out – I wish I’d done sooner. I always hesitated doing it, because I didnt’ want to sand them. But…I found some primer @ Lowe’s in the “oops paint” area that swears you don’t need to sand before you prime and paint. It was great. I used one coat so that it wasn’t too gloppy and then found a great brown “Granite” by Olympic, I think. Found some great modern hardware on sale – $2.97 each – you can’t beat it. The hardest part – attaching the darn hardware – I even got a template and it was still a bit off. But, it’s really not that noticeable, I hope. dsc03042dsc03060


Home Wrecker! January 4, 2009

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ok, I’ve had it with my house. I’m just sick of talking about all these expensive changes I want to make in my home (if I win the lottery, of course). I’m just going to go for it and make changes.

I was at Lowe’s the other day and scored over in the “Oops Paint” section (returned paint). I got a gallon of paint ($7)identical to my bedroom paint, so I can paint the study/suite (sounds more glamourous than it is – it’s just a way of saying an overly large master br, that is wasted footage that could have been used on my microscopic kitchen).

I’ve also wanted to stain my concrete floors since we need new flooring, but can’t afford anything big. We recently had a minor flood in the house (compliments of a family member) so we’re getting insurance money for that. So, found a gallon of “oops” stain for $7 and am testing a patch where I pulled up some of the damaged carpeting.

Also want to paint our bathroom cabinets. Found some primer that they say you don’t have to sand with – saving me tons of time – $4. Will take before and after pix.

Also repainting our front door – it’s faded and an ugly green – got “chocolate raspberry.” Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow and I can paint it.  Pix, of course.