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13 June 14, 2010

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I’ve completely neglected this blog, but for a good reason. I started another blog about my 60 journey to optimism in response to a pessimistic approach to life that seemed to be getting increasingly worse.  That behind me, I’m ready to tackle this one…at least for a bit until I determine what my next focused blog will be.

I’ve been so busy lately that I  compeltely forgot about the significance of June 13th in my life.  I come from a long line of 13-aholics. My paternal grandparents life together revolved around the number:

*they met on the 13th

*got engaged on the 13th

*married on the 13th

*my dad was born on the 13th

*my uncle was born on the 31st (which makes total sense if you know him)

The number carried into my life too. I remembered that today is the 10 year anniversary of our first miscarriage. Not a happy anniversary, but a moment I hold deep in my heart that I’m certain doesn’t bother me, until it’s mentioned. Today is also the 6 year anniversary of my father-in-law coming to live with us. So, that’s strike two right there. But, God gives beauty for ashes and 5 years ago today my son was born. God took away, but He gave again and I am blessed.


God and The Invention of Lying April 22, 2010

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Last night I saw the movie The Invention of Lying. It wasn’t what I expected and it gave me a surprising bit to think about. The basic plot is that humans haven’t evolved to the point of lying; everyone tells the truth, all the time – brutally and honestly. In a moment of desperation, the main character develops the ability to lie and is able to get, through deception,  much of what was lacking in his life. There is a twist when his mother, terrified of  eternal nothingness, is dying and he “lies” to here about the existence of heaven. This is compounded when this conversation is overheard and people demand to know what he knows. He basically “creates” his own system of morality to make humans acceptable to God – “The Man in the Sky.”

What is interesting is that, while the human race now had a hope concerning the afterlife, it made little difference in the way they lived. I could only assume that this is how the writer of the screenplay views religion: a list of rules made by a detached deity.  If we have no relationship with God, than what He asks of us is nothing more than a list of rules that seem like nothing more than fickle, non-nonsensical dictates. God intends it to be understood in the complete opposite way. God protects us through His commands once we are brought into a relationship with Him, not to earn heaven, but to refine us along the way.

I wonder what influences the writer has had, spiritually speaking. What ugly message has he heard? Why is His view of God so skewed? I have observed that in the effort to “defend” Christianity, believers have made the Gospel very unappealing and have cloaked it in false righteousness: it’s your works that save you and you must maintain the outwards appearance of godliness by abstaining from everything. Very ugly, very untrue. It’s amazing how completely freeing the truth actually is and how tainted it’s become.


Antonio and Art April 16, 2010

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I love interior design – actually I love almost every expression of art. I’m not  a fan of reality TV, but when HGTV had their design star reality series last year, one of the contestants stood out. Antonio was a movie set designer/builder, originally from New York and scruffy mess in a completely lovable way. Anyway, his fresh, out-of-the-box ideas won him his own TV series. Let me put it this way, my husband hates design shows and actually enjoyed him because he’s an Italian, tatted up man’s man.

I finally watched a couple of episodes of his new show (The Antonio Treatment) tonight. He is so out there without alienating anyone – he is so creative, uses techniques no one else thinks of without the bourgeois attitude of some designers. He’s an artist. He’s got his own style, that while evolving, it truly his own.

In one of the episodes he designed a living room/art studio for a deaf client who is a cartoonist. He brought in one the guy’s favorite artists to do a piece for the room – his insight was so cool.

It’s just nice to see real art on TV and not copycat prettiness that gets really boring.


My Journey to Optimism April 15, 2010

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I have been itching for something new to do – I always am. I have this deep-seeded need to be productive. If you have a background in psychotherapy, I invite your analysis. I have been frustrated at time with this blog, because it’s all over the map – there is no theme, but me. I think I can safely say that that particular subject is interesting to very few – my mom doesn’t even read my blog.  I love to write and think I will trim this one eventually and focus only on creative writing.

Also, I’ve found myself at a personal crossroads. I have always been a melancholy person, but I”m honestly becoming quite a cynic and it stinks. My husband has hinted at it a few times, yet I remain unmoved. I’ve been afraid that my writing would stop or be hampered in some respect, because my moodiness spawns my writing. I think though, enough is enough. I need to find another Muse.

So, in an effort to kill two bird with one stone, I started another blog devoted to a 60-day journey to optimism. I’m actually optimistic about it – I think that’s a good start.


My Crocheting Takes Shape April 12, 2010

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I’m still crocheting and I’m having a great time. I am focusing on wool felted purses and it’s a great creative outlet for me. Plus, because of the nature of wool and the process, I don’t have to stitch perfectly – all flaws end up hidden in the final product:)

After this first attempt I realized that I put too much detailed work into it;  none of it shows up after the felting process, but neither do my mistakes:)

Here is my third purse – my second had serious shape problems after felting. I’m really happy with this one , including the lining. Also, I got the bird and cage idea from a crochet blog.


Art as a Journey April 11, 2010

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My husband showed me this video – it really explores the dark journey of any artist.  The journey of expression is arduous and requires not only that we learn as we go, but that we expose the journey as it is: gritty, painful, victorious, but always a journey, never a destination.


PMS and the Eternal Excuse April 10, 2010

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I realize that this excuse is old – it was probably old 1000 years ago when men gladly ran off to war to escape the more frightening moodiness of their brides.  It’s old, but seriously valid. My PMS gets increasingly worse and I’m left to wonder if it’s the result of three things: age, lifestyle choices or mental instability.

1. Age:

I’m turning 36 this month and am thrilled. Not really, I hate getting older and can’t believe when women say they love their 30’s – as far as I’m concerned, they suck. Each month I get moodier and more delusional and wonder if within 10 years I’ll be carted off in handcuffs around the 30th day of some future random July.  I also wonder if I should swallow the $200 and get my blood work done and hormone levels tested and have some super-deluxe hormone cream developed for me – and all of mankind I come in contact with over that 10 day period of instability. Better yet, I could wait for the government to pay for it, as I could be considered a menace to society. Not only am I a wreck, but it lasts longer. What happened to 4 day periods? For the record, I do realize that there are pharmaceuticals  out there to help me, but I refuse to pollute my body with unnatural methods, so I’m on the lookout for organic solutions.

2.  Lifestyle Choices:

I’m a vegetarian/lactose intolerant, yoga loving, non-smoking, beer drinking and a fairly health-minded individual. I am wondering if the infusion of soy products in my diet is increasing my estrogen levels contributing to the madness.  I can’t afford to eat all organics and I live in an urban area surrounded by nature – perhaps not enough nature. So, not sure what else I can change there.

3. Mental Instability:

In all fairness to the other two category contenders, I have often imagined myself growing old in an asylum someday. I’m not stark raving mad, just melancholy by nature and am prone to fits of depression. As women are not known for violent crimes, it is not unheard of for us to make rash and miscalculated decisions and I do wonder if those who do commit them are PMS-ing at the time. The thoughts that run rampant through my head while under the influence of hormones are outrageous, yet at the time they seem completely justifiable and sane. It’s so bizarre to wake up the morning after the PMS-ing has ended and think,  “Dear God, I almost…”

So while I agree that the excuse is overused, it may be plausible 75% of the time. I have to change something, and fast. I have only 20 days of sanity on the horizon before my other, delusional self makes an entrance.